We All Can Stand With Veterans

DAV offers a wide range of opportunities for individuals who want to make good on the commitment we’ve given our nation’s heroes. Volunteer at our nation’s VA hospitals, drive veterans to appointments or provide specialized help based on individual needs. No matter who you are, or what your level of experience, you can stand by our nation’s veterans.


DAV Volunteers

Hospital Volunteering

Like all medical facilities, Department of Veterans Affairs hospitals, nursing homes and clinics need volunteers to perform a wide range of duties. Some work directly with patients, participating in recreational programs and other activities on the wards. Others assist the VA’s professional staff or escort patients, serve coffee or simply provide companionship to veteran patients.

Locate your local VA Hospital in the VA Medical Center Directory.

Say ‘Thank-You’ to Veterans

No matter what your volunteer interests may be, there’s a role you’ll enjoy. and the Local Veterans Assistance Program may be just what you’re looking for. Whether it’s grocery shopping or running errands for veterans in your community, doing yard work or painting a veteran’s home, there’s a need you can help fulfill. To learn more about volunteering, contact us.